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Easily improve your credit

Users who have made timely repayments in Prometheus Marketplace can quickly boost their Prometheus Score within three months and access higher limits. With no changes to the Federal Reserve's benchmark rate, you may also receive better rates.

Funding Rotation

No SSN or FICO needed, you may receive financial support. New users can apply for cash advance from $25 to $250 with zero interest for one month, with no prepayment penalty and no hidden fees. Existing users with timely repayments can apply for personal loans from $250 to $5000 with an annual interest rate of 14% - 19%.

Find a home

Prometheus Marketplace has partnered with experienced real estate agents in Los Angeles, providing users with a wide selection of rental properties. Members can browse and choose their ideal homes.

Find a Job

Prometheus Marketplace offers job recruitment information for members in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, making it easier for members to find their ideal job positions.

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